Make your mum a lady for Mother’s Day

Katherine Howard, Lady D'AubignyForget about making her feel like a lady, why don’t you actually make her one? Or a duchess, dame, baroness or any of a whole list of aristocratic titles you can buy from the newest nation on the planet, the Republic of Wynnum.

Aristocratic titles range from $25 to become a princess, to $95 to become a lady. New aristocrats get an official certificate of title they can frame and put on the wall and receive an aristocratic passport inscribed with their name and title by a calligrapher.

Titles can be bought online at the country’s official website,, and title certificates are generally emailed out within a few days. New aristocrats are listed on the country’s official guide to the peerage on the website.

The Republic currently has 588 citizens (ie people who have applied for and received Republic of Wynnum passports) and of these 19 are aristocrats. Titles are valid for three years and must then be renewed.

“The Republic of Wynnum doesn’t currently collect taxes and selling aristocratic titles is a fair and transparent method of raising revenue for the fledgling country.” said a spokesperson. “The funds raised go to support a range of arts, culture, tourism and infrastructure projects.”

“Although we offer a range of common aristocratic titles, we’re negotiable.” he added. “For example we recently awarded the title of ‘sexiest veterinarian in the Republic’, for a fee of course.”

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