Fathers Day rapidly approaching – still time to make him a lord, duke, knight…

Prince Regent (later George IV of England)Looking for something a bit different for Father’s Day?

There is still time (just) to get your Dad an aristocratic title for Father’s Day on Sunday (6th Sept) – choose from Lord, Duke, Knight, Baron, Earl, Count, Marquess, Viscount or Prince!

When he becomes an aristocrat of the newly formed Republic of Wynnum, he will receive a Certificate of Title to hang on the wall (via email), an aristocratic passport (inscribed using calligraphy by our resident scribe), which is purple in colour to distinguish it from the regular brown standard passports, and in addition will be listed on the ‘The Peerage’ section of the Republic of Wynnum website.

At this stage we will be able to get Certificates of Title out via email and listings on the official website in time for Father’s Day, although passports will take a little longer to issue.

To order a title for someone special for Father’s Day click this link (the whole process, including payment, is online). You can apply for a title on behalf of someone else.

Unfortunately we cannot supply the regalia (although you might like to try Costume Connections across the border in Manly – they may be able to help). Also, if you’d like to have the Certificate framed, get in contact with Manson Framers, By Appointment to the Republic (and a Passport Office to boot).

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