Pay Your Tax

taxPaying tax in – or should we say to – the Republic of Wynnum is entirely voluntary. The other major difference between tax in the Republic of Wynnum and other jurisdictions is that you get to choose how much tax to pay.

Plus, instead of chasing you for tax and forcing you to submit a tax return, we thank you for any tax you are able to pay, and list you here on the Republic of Wynnum website as a ‘taxpayer’, unless of course you would prefer to pay anonymously.

When we say that paying tax is voluntary in the Republic of Wynnum, this does NOT mean that you do not have to pay tax that is due in other jurisdictions, in Australia for example, or state or local taxes due in Australia. Unfortunately, you still do.

It is paying tax to the Republic of Wynnum which is voluntary. We think voluntary tax is a great idea, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on in other parts of the world yet.

Payments go to the Republic of Wynnum Pty Ltd via the PayPal online payments system. You can pay using a credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or with a PayPal account via the PayPal ‘donation’ option. You can also choose to make a regular payment if you wish. All revenue raised goes to fund various events and projects for the betterment of Wynnum. For more details please contact the Republic of Wynnum.

Please note that this is NOT a mechanism to pay tax to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – just to be absolutely clear.

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