Citizen of the Year Award


Sir Ashley Dean holds the flag aloft

Citizen of the Year 2017

More details on this award soon.

The Republic of Wynnum Citizen of the Year automatically becomes a Citizen of the Republic of Wynnum if they are not one already, they are honoured with an aristocratic title of their choosing and given the (symbolic) ‘Keys to the Republic’.

Anyone can be nominated by anyone for this award. Citizens of the Republic then vote and the nominee with the most votes becomes Citizen of the Year by popular acclaim.

Previous Winners

Citizen of the Year 2016 – Utopia-Lee Richards
She’s a hard working community girl who has raised her younger siblings and is an active member of the Hemmant church. She is the most caring person and always puts others before herself.

Citizen of the Year 2015 – Amanda Donnet
Amanda is an active Wynnum local who gives a lot of time volunteering for the Wynnum group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association. As a volunteer she helps Wynnum Mums connect with other Mums, helps local businesses to become breastfeeding/family friendly.