The Peerage

Current members of The Peerage of The Republic


Lord Arthur
Lord Burley
Lord Kristoffersen
Lady Merriman
Lady Rebecca Schaffer
Lady Smithers
Lord Burfein
Lord Dudley
Lord Gregory
Lord Jesser
Lord Robert Rees
Lord Ronald Felushko
Lord Shepherd
Lord Smithers
Lord Steven Lowe
Lord Toby* [C]

Christine Cook, Duchess of Wynnum
Christine Driver, Duchess of Wynnum
Glenn Driver, Duke of Wynnum
Janis Smith, Duchess of Wynnum
Luzselenia, Duchess of Wynnum
Michele, Duchess of Wynnum
Dr Ramon G Rivera, Duke of Wynnum
Simon Cook, Duke of Wynnum

Dame Dale
Dame Rebecca Wilcomes
Sir Aubrey Saxon
Sir Chris Jones
Sir Jeffery Price
Sir Peter Hellen
Sir Rodney of Aspley
Sir Sinclair Irving
Sir Tom Oliver
Sir Ulfar Hausaklyufr

Baron Jeffrey
Baron Mischief von Schnauzer* [D]

Earl Grey

Countess Colleen Hellen
Liberty, Count of Wynnum
Mitchell Cook, Count of Wynnum

Marchioness O’Donnell
Marquess Marcelo José F. Suano

Viscount Anthony
Viscount Brearley of Wynnum
Viscount O’Donnell
Viscountess O’Donnell

Prince Alexander Realegeño
Prince Christopher Karel Janek
Prince Craig The Indifferent
Prince Harry
Prince Jeffrey
Prince Kenneth
Prince McYoshie
Prince Nicholas of Wynnum
Prince Patrick
Prince Timothy Ahlbeck

Princess Brandi-Kay
Princess Eden Mary
Princess Ella* [D]
Princess Gemma Stella Edith
Princess Georgina I
Princess Georgina II
Princess Grace Elizabeth Benedetti
Princess Isabelle Volery
Princess Jennifer
Princess Katie Bourchier
Princess Kylie
Princess Layla
Princess Lilou Reffay-Earl
Princess Maree
Princess Melissa
Princess Miranda
Princess Neecey
Princess Pranish
Princess Priscilla* [C]
Princess Sue
Princess Tina of Castle Hutton
Princess Utopia-Lee


*Aristocrats marked in italics are non human ‘C’=cat;’D’=dog


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