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You can apply and pay for your title on this page. You can also apply for titles for other people if you wish. Please read the Important Instructions below before proceeding. More info on our Honours page.


  1. If you are not already a citizen, you MUST complete a standard application for citizenship first, before applying for your title here (this is granted instantly, so should not delay the process of applying for your title).
  2. You MUST give your mailing address in the standard application AND when you pay your fee, and these addresses MUST BE THE SAME IN BOTH, otherwise we will not be able to match your applications.
  3. Once you have paid your fee, please email us at (from the same email address you gave when you paid the fee) with the ‘aristocratic name’* you would like to appear on the passport, certificate and the peerage section of this site. If you have any other instructions (eg alternate shipping/email address to receive passport/certificate) please include them in this email.
  4. Certain choices of names may be disallowed if they breach common rules of decency. You can probably guess which ones. We’ll notify you if there is a problem.
  5. Listing on The Peerage section of this site generally occurs within 5-7 days; certificates are generally issued within 10-14 days; passports can take up to 21 days to arrive, depending on where you are in the world. If you need the passport by a specific date, please contact us on and we will advise if we are able to ship the passport in time.

*this does not have to be the same as your actual first name or surname – see guidance section below. You must give your real name in your standard application


Fees ($AUD) – Male


Fees ($AUD) – Female

($15 – any title)


Standard Aristocratic Naming Protocols

Here is how the titles normally work (although you can choose names other than your regular first name and surname if you wish, subject to point 4 above):

Lord – ‘Lord <Surname>’
Lady – ‘Lady <Surname>’
Duke – ‘<First Name>, Duke of Wynnum’
Duchess – ‘<First Name>, Duchess of Wynnum’
Knight (Sir) – ‘Sir <First Name> <Surname>’
Knight (Dame) – ‘Dame <First Name> <Surname>’
Baron – ‘Baron <Surname>’
Baroness – ‘Baroness <Surname>’
Earl – ‘<First Name> <Surname>, Earl of Wynnum’
Count – ‘<First Name>, Count of Wynnum’ OR ‘Count <First Name>’
Countess – ‘<First Name>, Countess of Wynnum’ OR ‘Countess <First Name>’
Marquess – ‘<First Name> <Surname>, Marquess of Wynnum’
Marchioness – ‘<First Name> <Surname>, Marchioness of Wynnum’
Viscount – ‘The Viscount <Surname> of Wynnum’
Viscountess – ‘The Viscountess <Surname> of Wynnum’
Prince – ‘Prince <First Name>’
Princess – ‘Princess <First Name>’

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