You too can become an aristocrat… only in the Republic of Wynnum!


Prince Regent (later George IV of England)

The Republic of Wynnum, in what is regarded as a first for a republic, has enacted an honours scheme, whereby citizens may apply for aristocratic titles. In a spirit of transparency, and to help raise funds for the general improvement and betterment of the nation, these titles are only conferred on the payment of a fee (currently charged in Australian Dollars).

For title holders, the Republic issues a special aristocratic passport, which is purple in colour (as opposed to the normal passport, which is brown), specially inscribed with the new title holder’s details and a certificate confirming the title holder’s title is also issued. The passport is sent to you in the mail and your certificate of title is emailed in PDF format (if you would like to have your certificate of title framed we suggest Manson Framers of Wynnum). Title holders are also listed on the ‘The Peerage’ page on this website.

Republic of Wynnum aristocratThe Republic even has honours for animals – any title $15.





Titles are only recognised in the Republic of Wynnum.

The following titles are available:-

Title Fees

Other titles may be made available subject to demand.

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