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The Republic of Wynnum has a new President… John Shepherd of The Coffee Club in Wynnum. He succeeds our outgoing President Yvonne Merriman, who we thank for her year of service. John’s winning bid, against 22 other bids, was $207.50. We look forward to welcoming John to office and his presidential term.


Welcome to the official website of the Republic of Wynnum, which declared independence from Australia (and also therefore the state of Queensland and Brisbane City Council) on Wednesday 12th November, 2014. It is one of the newer nations in the world, although it does not yet have a seat at the UN (we’re working on that).

It takes its place quite close to the bottom of countries ranked by population size, but, with a population of ~24,000, is more highly populated than four existing independent nations.

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Where is The Republic of Wynnum? The Republic is situated approximately 19 km east of Brisbane, state capital of Queensland, Australia. It is accessible by road (approximately 25min drive from Brisbane), by sea and is only a 17min drive from Brisbane International Airport.

Hence our official slogan ‘Conveniently close to Australia’.






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The Republic of Wynnum
‘Conveniently Close to Australia’

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