Brisbane Bayside suburb declares independence

ROW Crest_white backgroundThe Brisbane Bayside suburb of Wynnum has declared independence today, styling itself as the Republic of Wynnum, and issuing its own passport. Citizenship of the new republic is open to anyone.

A spokesperson for the newly formed republic explained the reasons behind the decision to secede from Brisbane, Queensland and Australia,

“Wynnum is already regarded by most of Brisbane as being another country, so it’s not really that big a leap to actually become one. Although it is Brisbane’s seaside – being the closest beach to the Brisbane CBD – it is right on the edge of the Brisbane City Council area and doesn’t get the attention it deserves.”

“Australia doesn’t have enough interesting small states. Europe has Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, and Wynnum, with a population of around 24,000 is in fact more populous than four existing countries*. With the formation of the Republic of Wynnum Australians will be able to ‘go overseas’ a lot more easily. The Republic of Wynnum’s new slogan says it all – ‘Conveniently close to Australia’”.

The Republic of Wynnum is also issuing its own passport and welcomes new citizens. Citizenship is open to anyone and passports can be applied for and collected at any of the official passport offices in Wynnum, listed on the new country’s website – Prospective citizens can also apply online at Passports can however only be collected in person at an official passport office.

As the newest nation in the world, the Republic of Wynnum will be inviting all of the delegates at the G20 being held in Brisbane to visit the new country and apply for Wynnum citizenship and pick up their passport.

*Vatican City (pop: 300), Nauru (pop: 13,000), Tuvalu (pop: 12,000), Palau (pop: 20,000)

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29 thoughts on “Brisbane Bayside suburb declares independence

  1. As a resident of Wynnum I think this is a bit of a joke, like honestly anyone can get a passport. Really name one other country it’s just walk into a Cafe bam passport even a small one

  2. As a resident of Wynnum I think this is a bit of a joke, like honestly anyone can get a passport. Really name one other country it’s just walk into a Cafe bam passport even a small one

    • God I hope not! Surely we can all find enough fun in our daily lives without having to spoil it with smoke inhalation! I hope this country bans all types of smoking altogether!!!! We should all be high on NATURE’S BEAUTY instead 🙂

        • Martine,très belle la photo nippo-tourangelle en lien !J’ai cherché, cherché !… Et j’ai crié, crié !…Pas plus de photo que de beurre dans la calotte d’un Zouave !« Nippo-Tourangelle » en plus… Je ne l’aurais pas loupée !Serait-ce (encore) un coup de Bill ?…Pierre « Myope ET presbite » Henri

        • I couldn't agree more with everyone. I carry a Recycled Waders Nook Sack which is small and light. Unfortunately it doesn't stay slung over my shoulder and slips forward. Chest packs and fanny packs don't work well for people with abundant chests, waists or Fannies. I've been looking a lot and think I've found the pack light and comfortable solution. Will be doing a review soon. Thanks Mike, this helped.

  3. Thank you to everyone who has commented for your feedback and support! The Republic of Wynnum has an ambitious program planned for the new country and we look forward to keeping you updated on these plans. And of course we always welcome all feedback and ideas.

  4. Lighten up you party poppers!! Can’t you see this is a marketing initiative that is designed to boost popularity of this area, and bring vitality back to this sleepy seaside suburb that can be transformed into a hub of vibrant activities and positive energy? If you know anything about Sydney and Melbourne, most water side areas are hubs that are considered “the place to be” and Wynnum has so much potential that is yet to be untapped. I LOVE quirky, artistic types that make this area special…….we want more of this!! Let’s all pull together, inject some energy and fun and create this passionate artist loving community that thinks POSITIVE (not mainstream negative), and is proud to chip in to make this place even more special!!!

  5. ……..and potential still YET UN-TAPPED……!!! I tried editing my post but couldn’t figure out how!!! – can u pls help us by allowing edits to posts?!

  6. ………..and HOW do we make a place SPECIAL????

    My idea is this…….By ALLOWING ALL THINGS UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL, and BANNING all things UGLY and NEGATIVE………and we can all contribute our say on this because surely a collaborative effort is required – and a harmonious one at that. No one person gets to decide what constitutes unique / beautiful / ugly etc……we all do, and we need a voting system so that all residents / citizens can have our say that actually goes somewhere.

    My first two cents worth :

    Say NO! to disgusting fake food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster, and Hungry Jacks.

    Surely we will be a happy nation if we are careful to EAT WELL to nourish our brains and bodies with QUALITY FOOD!

    The quality of the food and drink we consume will determine the quality of our contribution to this new society we are creating 🙂

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  8. Thank you for making Citizenship so accessible. If only other countries were so welcoming. May I suggest; in order to make the Republic of Wynnum into a truly sovereign nation, it needs to mint it’s own currency, otherwise it will just be a vassal state, which would not do at all.

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