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question signSince The Republic declared independence on Wednesday 12th November, the new country has had some coverage in the media, and there has been a little confusion out there about some aspects.

This is a short clarification of some of these questions.

Do I have to live in Wynnum to get citizenship and a passport?
No. Citizenship and a Republic of Wynnum passport are open to anyone, wherever they live in the world.

Can I get my passport mailed to me?
No. We can issue you with a temporary certificate of citizenship by email, but you must come into one of the Passport Offices in Wynnum in person to claim your passport.

Is there any charge for the passport?
No charge – it’s free.

If I live in Wynnum, do I have to get a passport?

Why should I get a passport?
Of course, you should get a passport if you would like to be a part of the new nation! But we will also shortly be announcing a series of ‘citizens benefits’, and to receive these benefits you will need to have your passport! More details soon.

What is The Republic of Wynnum all about?
The Republic of Wynnum is an initiative of a group of Wynnum residents and business owners who would like to see Wynnum achieve its full potential. Wynnum used to be a thriving town, with a lot of shops, a large department store and three (yes, three) cinemas. At the weekend it was pumping. Then along came air conditioned out-of-town shopping malls, the cinemas disappeared and Wynnum gradually lost its mojo. The Republic of Wynnum is all about helping Wynnum find its mojo again. And it’s already happening. Contrary to some speculation, it is not funded by ‘big developers’ or ‘big business’.

If you are not an Australian citizen, please be aware that citizenship of The Republic of Wynnum does not confer any right of residency in Wynnum or in Australia, and we strongly advise that you do not use the Republic of Wynnum passport for international travel.

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