Here are the nominees for the Citizen of the Year Award 2016

Sir Ashley Dean holds the flag aloftThe following 12 people have been nominated for the Republic of Wynnum 2016 Citizen of the Year Award. Please read the comments from the nominees before voting.

Voting is open to citizens of the Republic who have been sent a link to the voting page. Voting closes 11.59pm on Friday 11th November.




Bel Ellis


I can’t think of anyone else who had done more to being life back into Wynnum. Bel tirelessly does things to promote the area especially the central shopping area with initiatives such as Wynnum Up Late. Thru her bookstore she promotes local independent writers. Also by the big central table in the store total strangers chat and share stories. I personally have spoken to at least 6 different families, from interstate abd overseas who were here sussing out wynnum as a place to move to and purchase homes. Her fabulous personality helps make people decide to make wynnum home and to return to Little Gnome and wynnum central. I was very unwell last year and it was the warmth and friendly space of LG and Bel in particular that helped me to get back my health.

Belinda, since opening her store “Little Gnome” has contributed greatly, not only with her unique bookstore and what it has added to the lives of the authors whose books she promotes and sells, but to the whole community. She has also created a special place for all her customers.

Bel is a member of the Wynnum business community. She is the owner of the Little Gnome bookshop and is very active in promoting community events. She supports other local businesses and promotes them regularly though social media. She is an advocate for local authors. Her shop is a hub for get togethers both social and business. She love she Wynnum and would be a great representative for our wonderful bayside suburb.

Bel has made an enormous impact in Wynnum, by providing a place where locals can get to know each other and meet new people, by encouraging the dying art of conversation around the table. By holding many events at her shop, many people have been drawn to Wynnum that may not have otherwise been. I know she has done work with kids at BABI by sharing her skills, knowledge and stories. Bel encourages the community to get together, celebrate and support our wonderful businesses in Wynnum. Bel has a big heart and if someone needs a place to rest, get away from the world or join the world, Bel will welcome them to her shop with open arms. I once saw her in the street offer an elderly lady a lift to the council office on a very hot day after providing directions to her. She is a kind soul, who is open to give a second chance to those that other’s may not think worthy of one. Bel organized an afternoon in the park, with her friends, to give newcomers to Australia a chance to experience the wonderfulness of Aussies and also our beautiful suburb. Who does that?? Not many people. I vote Bel Ellis to be the Wynnum Citizen of the Year for 2016.

Utopia-Lee Richards


She’s a hard working community girl who’s raised her younger siblings and is an active member of the Hemmant church.

She is the most caring person and always puts others before herself.

Best bitch in town.

She is da bomb.

Tim Hurley


Tim serves in the capacity of Youth Pastor at a local church in Wynnum West where he devotes (well over any call of duty) MANY hours to the well being of youngsters in the community. This caring takes the form of supervising a gathering of Youth on a Friday afternoon/evening where the teenagers of the district get to spend real, quality time learning how to cope with the challenges that befall them. Tim also is instrumental in the local schools where he and his team undertake to see that children attending the various schools do not have to start their day feeling hungry. They serve a very real need for these youngsters in the form of conducting a regular Breakfast program. As a grandparent, who never had to face too many problems with troubled children or grand-kids, I feel so pleased to know that people like Tim are prepared to make the needs of others a priority in every day life. Tim is married to Lisa and they have one little son Josiah who also get involved in a massive way with these community programs.

Margaret Redfern


Margaret has been volunteering with the Wynnum Manly Eisteddfod for 43 of its 46 year history and has been the Speech & Drama Convenor for a majority of these years. She is a regular volunteer at the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre helping our over 50’s community.

Nea Paynter


She owned the News Agency in Wynnum IGA building for over 20yrs. She is still committed to caring for the community and involved in many charities in Wynnum. She now works in Sobidah and Baretraps part time and knows nearly everyone in Wynnum.

José Toussaint


Sweet,kind, friendly and always has something nice to say with a beautiful smile at Creative Treasures.

Christine Briggs


Christine Briggs plays a pivotal role in coordinating volunteers for the Wynnum Community Meal project. She does this role in a voluntary capacity and is tireless and dedicated in ensuring this project functions with a great groups of volunteers. She has been involved for three years giving of her time. The Wynnum Community meal provides a three course sit down meal for community members who may be struggling or who just want to connect with others. Christine ensures a full compliment of people available on the day, has their roles clearly worked out, and sorts out all associated admin tasks. She is passionate about her work and you would not know that her life is so full with the way she embarks on her work. Christine is a volunteer, wife, mother and Grandmother and has a huge heart in all that she does!

Joanne Warland


Jo from Walk on Wheels lights up Edith Street with her bubbly and friendly personality!

Rachel Russell


Rachel Russell is an every day mum whom has spent much of her time caring for those around her. She works at Darling Point (Special School) and puts her heart and soul into the job, going out of her way to see that each student is able to go into the world successfully.

Caitlin Green


They have lived in Wynnum their entire life and have worked in the area ar several different jobs. One being the Wynnum Land mark Perry’s Fruit Market. They attended Wynnum State High School the finest educational institution in Wynnum.

Justin Dalton


Justin is an outstanding member of the community and has had a meaningful impact on my life as a whole. If Justin isn’t worthy of this award then nobody is.

He is a great role model and always brings a smile to the community no matter what.

Justin has put in a lot of effort to make his community a great place to be, and is a fantastic leader of his school community.

Mary (Kebab Zone)


Most kind hearted and caring person in Wynnum, treats us all like her sons and daughters. Helps local sporting clubs and others. By far the best person in Wynnum. Love you Mary.

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  1. WAHOO GO BEL FOR CITIZEN OF THE YEAR! Agree with everything that has been said. Little Gnime is the heart of Wynnum Village, Bel (and Jack) are the soul xxxx

  2. I have known José Toussaint since highschool and I can honestly say: she is always sweet, kind and friendly! She’s funny too!

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