Republic of Wynnum sets up voluntary taxation system

taxThe Republic of Wynnum, which declared independence from Australia in November 2014, is launching a taxation system to raise money for a range of ambitious projects it is planning for the new country. The difference to most other tax regimes around the world is that it will be voluntary.

Paying tax will be very simple – a quick visit to the official website of the country and a click on the ‘Pay Your Tax‘ tab takes you to a page where you can pay any amount of your choice. In case you pay tax in another jurisdiction you also receive a receipt so – where allowable – you may be able to claim back the tax on your tax payment.

Unlike other jurisdictions where people are generally fairly secretive about their tax, the Republic of Wynnum will display a list of ‘taxpayers’ on the official website (although individual taxpayers can keep their tax payments anonymous if they wish).

“Funding has always been a bit of an issue for our new nation.” explained a spokesperson for the republic. “We launched the cash for honours scheme as a way of raising funds earlier this year, but not everyone wants to be a lord or a lady. This is another way to contribute to a range of great projects in Wynnum for citizens and non citizens alike, and the good thing is it doesn’t require a hugely complex taxation system, which is just as well as we don’t have a public service* to run it.”

All tax payments will go towards a number of cultural and infrastructure projects, including events like the current Twilight Markets and a few other regular events yet to be announced. The new nation is also planning a range of digital programs under the banner ‘Digital Wynnum’ (more details to be announced soon).

If you’d like to pay some tax to the Republic of Wynnum, visit the Pay Your Tax page.

*The Republic runs a very lean administration with around 0.2 FTE employees covering all departments.

When we say that paying tax is voluntary in the Republic of Wynnum, this does NOT mean that you do not have to pay tax that is due in other jurisdictions, in Australia for example, or state or local taxes due in Australia. Unfortunately, you still do. It is paying tax TO the Republic of Wynnum which is voluntary. We think voluntary tax is a great idea, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on in other parts of the world yet.

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