Passport shortage officially over, aristocratic passports now available


We are delighted to announce that the passport shortage which hit the new republic is officially over, with new stock having arrived recently into the government offices. We have also taken delivery of our smart new aristocratic passports, which will be mailed out to all of our new members of the Peerage in coming days. You will notice the subtle difference in hue, with the aristocratic passports a shade of purple instead of our usual brown.

The Republic was taken unawares by demand for citizenship and currently numbers 614 citizens, of whom 25 are fully paid up members of the Peerage.

This month we also welcome on board two new Passport Offices:

  • Crystal Rose Gallery (Edith Street)
  • Bayside Florist (Edith Street)

If you have already filled out the registration form but not yet received your passport, you will be contacted by the Passport Office where you applied. If you applied online, bring your temporary certificate of citizenship into any Passport Office to collect your passport.


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