Republic makes the news, loses Wikipedia entry

the flagIt’s been an interesting week for the Republic of Wynnum.

Of course we celebrated our first year of independence, with a gathering of local citizens and nobles on the beach and by announcing our Citizen of the Year, Amanda Donnet.

A detailed feature on the Republic appeared on…

Republic of Wynnum marks one year since gaining independence from Australia

…which resulted in a small surge in members of the aristocracy (check our current Peerage here), and here is last week’s interview with Spence Howson on ABC612…

Wynnum turns one today (audio)

While all of this was going on, the republic quietly lost its Wikipedia entry, which appeared for a few weeks before being deleted. Here is some of the background to the debate…

If you would like to read the original entry, it is published here…

The Republic has not had any hand in the creation of the original page or the subsequent discussions. Life continues as normal!

What are your thoughts on the Wikipedia entry? Should it be reinstated?

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